“Rocky Horror Show” on stage at the Bellini Theater

REVIEW – The theatrical performance “Rocky Horror Show” was an extraordinary experience that captivated the audience with its bold combination of music, theater, and a dose of overwhelming madness. The plot engaged the spectators from the very beginning, pulling them into a journey through the bizarre and fantastic.

It took a turn of madness and adrenaline that was palpable within the Bellini Theater. The performances of the lead actors were exceptional, with powerful voices and an irresistible stage presence. Each character contributed uniquely to the eccentric atmosphere of the show, creating a contagious energy that spread among the audience.

The music is a triumph of styles, ranging from glam rock to pop, all performed with a mastery that captures the essence of the work. The musical numbers are intense and engaging, often accompanied by dynamic choreography that adds a lot of spectacularity. The participatory experience with the audience goes beyond traditional theater, and Naples, clearly, could not respond passively. The show also extended outside, with many people in various outfits, as only the Rocky Horror Show could inspire.

It was an extraordinary journey that brought together music, theater, and madness in an irresistible mix of talents, starting with the brilliant Stephen Webb who enchanted with his entrance and performance. We witnessed an unforgettable production that gave all of us a truly unique experience.

The invitation is to always go to the theater and never miss at least once the Rocky Horror Show.